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Certification of Hydraulic Press

Factory of Lien Chieh Machinery Co., Ltd.

Lien Chieh Machinery Co., Ltd., has specialized in the manufacture of many different types of hydraulic presses. Our company was founded in 1947 and for more than sixty years has designed and developed a comprehensive range of technically advanced and dependable presses which offer the highest level of performance characteristic.

At LCM, our design office engineers and their support staffs are committed to supplying our many domestic and international customers with hydraulic presses which represent the very latest in technological advancement. Lien Chieh takes considerable pride in the fact that there are thousands of our presses around the world providing excellent daily services.

From the very beginning we have continued to focus on our ability to provide hydraulic presses with optimum features emphasizing performance, quality, reliability and safety. Our 'after-market' support services are critically important to us and we maintain dedicated resources for this sole purpose.

Lien Chieh has established a most enviable record within the industry and will continue to offer the very latest in high-technology machines.

At Lien Chieh every press we make is 'custom-tailored' to suit your requirements.

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